PANIEN and STREUMASTER : the histories of the brands

PANIEN Constructions et développements SAS :

Located in Inchy-en-Artois in Pas de Calais (France), Panien has been serving industry for three generations. Set up prior to World War 1 by Edouard Panien in 1891, the company Edouard Panien et Fils was dedicated to the manufacturing of carriages and hansom cabs.    

In 1920, the company began producing utility body work on a motor vehicle chassis and manufacturing horse drawn agricultural trailers. With the development of the car, construction changed direction, moving towards utility automobile bodywork and the manufacturing of farming wagons, drawn either by horse or by tractor.   

After 1945, manufacturing centred entirely on agriculture and was adapted to the growing number of agricultural tractors.  

In 1949, Panien patented a semi-trailer with drive axle for use in transporting and unloading beetroot. From 1960, the patent was applied to site trailers and the lime and fertiliser spreaders the company had started developing.

Between 1980 and 1990, the company continued developing the site semi-trailers and revealed its first motor vehicles for major road and rail infrastructure works.   

Since 1990, PANIEN’s expertise in the fields of agricultural spreading and stabilisation has been proven through the design, the patents and the manufacturing of new machines.   

At the end of 2007, PANIEN was acquired by the GUTZWILLER family and continued its manufacturing with a focus on transport and agricultural spreading equipment. 

Streumaster Maschinenbau GmbH :

The Lorenz Reissl company has been building high-end spreading machines for the commercialised farming sector since 1967, marketed under the brand “STREUMASTER” - System Weichs.

STREUMASTER’s first spreader saw the light of day in 1967, in the Bavarian town of Neumarkt-Sankt Veit. The spreader was designed and constructed with the spreading of fertilizer and agricultural binding powders in mind.

In 1980, the Reissl company broadened its range of spreading vehicles with machines designed for soil stabilising and the spreading of stabilisers such as quicklime and cement.   

Lorenz Reissl GmbH was taken over by the Gutzwiller family in October 2004 and renamed "STREUMASTER Maschinenbau GmbH".

In 2005, a vast optimisation and modernisation plan emerged, designed to broaden uses for the spreading equipment in the farming and construction sectors.  

In 2006, the company joined forces with WIRTGEN in a cooperation partnership aimed at marketing the SW series binding agent spreaders on an international scale.  

In 2008, STREUMASTER became the world leader in binding agent spreaders.

In 2009, the new EGGLKOFEN production site was built and developed (7,740 m² building spanning a total surface area of 27,000 m²).

The range of products at STREUMASTER is born out of decades of experience and innovation in development.

More than 80 employees strive to ensure maximum, long-lasting quality and precision manufacturing.

Designed for use in farming and soil stabilising, our spreading machines are the result of almost 40 years of experience and development.

Modernising working tools and production sites, as well as pooling the expertise of D.GUTZWILLER SAS, STREUMASTER GmbH and PANIEN SAS, has enabled our group to consolidate its position when it comes to providing solutions for agricultural spreading and specific, reliable, innovative and efficient applications adapted to market needs.

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