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Combined efficiency and versatility

Thanks to their metre-long rubber belt conveyor system, the machines of the PW professional series are capable of spreading a wide range of products. Equipped with a spreading auger measuring between 12 and 16 metres, and/or its hydraulic flat-bed trailers, the PW is the ideal machine for basic fertilisation using quick lime, mineral fertilisers or other dry or powder-form fertilisers, as well as with coarser and wetter products, such as oily scoria, crushed limestone or sewage sludge chips. The choice of electro-hydraulic components and the design of the chassis and the hopper guarantee intensive use in farming applications, all the while allowing for first-class maintenance operations. Numerous standard pieces of equipment (anti-arch roof, central hydraulics, etc…) and the setting options go hand-in-hand with the control and quality of the work to be performed.

The range

To select the machine most suited to your requirements, we offer four PW models. The PW 115 has one axle and a volume of 15 m3 . The PW 215, 218 and 222 models have a connecting rod tandem. These spreaders can hold up to 15, 18 or 22 m3 of product respectively. Each of these machines can be equipped with spreading augers (TA) or a dual flat-bed trailer board (TD).
It is also possible to combine the two systems (TK). These pieces of equipment complement a whole host of options designed to improve spreading comfort (windscreen, dual belt drive, dynamic weighing device, etc…) or even how the machine works and runs (load transfer, pneumatics, brake system, etc…).

Comparison Table

*    - 1 t with version top hitching
■    Series
□    Option
–    Cannot be combined

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