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Precise spreading of moist material

The BW large-area precision spreaders have been specially developed as entry-level model for discharging moist spreading material with up to 75 % dry mass (wet lime, crushed rock, dry sewage sludge, compost etc.)…

The newly developed body geometry ensures optimal material flow and prevents bridging of the material.

The spreading unit with extra-large spinning disc system makes this machine the perfect tool for demanding professionals, both for its spreading accuracy and its performance.

The BW spreader can apply low spreading quantities starting from 1 t/ha. The high-quality, low-wear flat link chain of the 800 mm wide retractable floor slides over a 12 mm thick plastic wear floor, transporting the spreading material out of the 8 m³ container body. The rolling floor is driven by the tractor‘s hydraulic system (hydraulic supply 40 l/min at 180 bar).

All functions of the BW-spreader are controlled by „BasiControl“, our intuitive control concept. The input keys can be used to set and adjust parameters such as travelling speed, spreading disc speed, operating hours, spreading quantity and bulk weight, at the push of a button.

Model BW 108 T
Drawbar with eye
Drawbar with coupling head
Clevis type coupling drawbar with eye
Clevis type coupling drawbar with coupling head
Mechanical suspension drawbar
Hydraulic supporting leg
Hand pump
Additional conveyor flights
Adjustable spinning disc system
Control concept BasiControl
Retention chain
Adjustable spreading table
Mechanical regulation
Hydraulic brakes
Pneumatic brakes
Loading edge protectors
On-board hydraulic system
Model BW 108 TD
Technical carrying capacity (t) 11
Permissible total weight according to StVZO * 11,5
Unladen weight approx. (t) 2,90
Recommended traction force (HP) ≥ 100
Body size L x W (mm) 3980x2100
Delivery channel width (mm) 800
Volume capacity (m3) 8
Loading height (mm) / ø tyres (mm) 2750/1635
Number of axles x axle beam size (mm) 1 x 130
Brake dimensions (mm) 406 x 120
*Data for Germany, may differ according to the country

Comparison Table

*    - 1 t with version top hitching
■    Series
□    Option
–    Cannot be combined

All the figures, descriptions and dimensions given on this page are non-binding and serve only for illustration purposes. We reserve the right to make changes.

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